Pricing Information

The following fees and prices are inclusive of GST. All prices are in Australian dollars and must be paid in Australian dollars.

Types of Membership

Full membership

(residing in Australia, New Zealand or the South Pacific)
$155.00 (annual)
$265.00 (biennial)

Student membership

(only available to full-time students residing in Australia, New Zealand or the South Pacific)
$85.00 (annual)

Electronic journal access membership

(provides access to the journal in on-line form, but not printed copies. All other membership benefits apply)
$85.00 (annual)

International member

(residing outside of Australia, New Zealand or the South Pacific)

$AUD165.00 (annual)
$AUD285.00 (biennial)

Membership renewals

All ANZSOC memberships are on a financial year basis and are renewable on 1 July. Members who do not make payment for renewal of membership by 30 September will become non financial and will no longer receive membership benefits, including copies of the Journal.

Members who become non-financial will have to reapply as new members unless extenuating circumstances prevented renewal within the renewal period. Non-financial members wishing to rejoin without reapplying should provide a written explanation of the extenuating circumstances to the Secretary. Each such claim will be considered on a case by case basis.
Those joining during the financial year will be considered to have joined on 1 July in the year payment is made and will receive future copies of journals for that financial year.