Officers and Committees

Officers and Committees

The Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology Inc. is comprised of Officers and a Committee of Management which include representatives from New Zealand and all the states and territories of Australia.

The Officers and the Committee of Management are elected at the Society AGM, held to coincide with the annual conference. The Officers and the Committee of Management meet at the Annual conference and at other times throughout the year as needs be.

Nominations for committee membership

Members are encouraged to email the secretary by August 31 of each year their nomination for election for any vacant positions. The nomination form is found on the ANZSOC website. Upon receipt of the nomination, the incumbent will be informed by the secretary 4 weeks ahead of the AGM of any other nominations. The incumbent then has a choice. If she/he wishes to continue to stand, a biography of 100 words will need to be completed for circulation to the membership 3 weeks ahead of the AGM. There will then be an election at the AGM. Nominations may also be made from the floor at the AGM and if so, that person will be entitled to speak to their nomination briefly.

Nomination form

Office bearers

Dr Tara McGee (Griffith University)

Australian Vice-President
Dr Rebecca Wickes (Monash University)

New Zealand Vice-President
Dr Antje Deckert (Auckland University of Technology)

Ms Katalina Bradley (Australian Institute of Criminology)

Li Eriksson(Griffith University)


Committee members

New South Wales
Dr Sanja Milivojevic (University of New South Wales)

Northern Territory
Dr Teresa Cunningham (Menzies School of Health Research, Northern Territory) 

Dr Li Eriksson (Griffith University)

South Australia
Marinella Marmo (Flinders University)

Dr Jeremy Prichard (University of Tasmania)

Dr Darren Palmer (Deakin University)

Western Australia
Professor Hilde Tubex (University of Western Australia)

Australia Capital Territory
Dr Emmaline Taylor (Australian National University)

New Zealand
Dr Trevor Bradley (Victoria University of Wellington)
Dr Alice Mills (The University of Auckland)

Postgraduate Early Career Researcher Representative
Dr Cassandra Cross (Queensland University of Technology)

Newsletter Editor
Dr Asher Flynn (Monash University) 

Journal Editor
Professor Philip Stenning (Griffith University)