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Immigration and Hate Crime

Immigration and Hate Crime

Angela Higginson, Queensland University of Technology,
Dr Kathryn Benier, Lecturer, Monash University,
Dr Michelle Sydes, Lecturer, The University of Queensland,

The ANZSOC Immigration and Hate Crime thematic group brings together scholars to advance theory, knowledge and practice in the study of the criminologies of immigration and hate crime. Under the broad banner of hate crime we include bias- or prejudice-motivated crime or incivility targeting persons of marginalised identities, including but by no means limited to: ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, and disability.

The group welcomes ANZSOC members involved in research, policy, practice, and advocacy across a broad range of areas, including:

  • Hate crime
  • Crime, immigration, and ethnic diversity
  • Marginalised identity and social belonging
  • Public discourse and representations of immigrants and persons of marginalised identities
  • Policing and social control of immigrants and persons with marginalised identities
  • Border control, migration and settlement

Aims and Objectives
The thematic group aims to:

A. Create a network of scholars, policy-makers, practitioners, and advocates to support collegiality, mentorship, and engagement
B. Build links between research, policy, practice and advocacy, across universities, government,
non-government, and community organisations.
C. Support the dissemination of research into immigration and hate crime
D. Organise and promote ANZSOC conference panels and events relating to immigration and hate crime

Angela Higginson, Queensland University of Technology
Kathryn Benier, Monash University
Michelle Sydes, University of Queensland)
Rebecca Wickes, Monash University
Jarrett Blaustein, Monash University
Marianne Kirvan, Griffith University
Stephane Shepherd, Swinburne University
Paul Read, Monash/Melbourne University
Andy Kaladelfos, University of NSW
Kirstie Broadfield, James Cook University
Hai Thanh Luong, RMIT
Chloe Keel, Monash University Matteo Vergani, Deakin University
Toby Miles-Johnson, Queensland University of Technology
Kathryn Seymour, Griffith University
Susann Wiedlitzka, University of Sussex
Erin O’Brien, Queensland University of Technology
Greg Martin, University of Sydney

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