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Terrorism and Extremism

Terrorism and Extremism

Dr Keiran Hardy, Lecturer, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Griffith University

Criminological research into terrorism and extremism is growing in Australia, New Zealand, and globally. Traditionally, much of the research in this field has been conducted by political scientists, but criminologists are making a significant contribution by framing these as criminal and deviant behaviours.

Criminological approaches shed light on the nature of extremism and violent extremism, how these culminate in terrorism through processes of radicalisation, how terrorist offenders disengage and deradicalise from criminal conduct, and how states are responding via laws, policies and programs for countering violent extremism (CVE).

This thematic group will provide a platform for ANZSOC members to share ideas, plans and research on these questions within a supportive environment.

Group Aims

  • Advance research on terrorism and extremism by Australian and New Zealand scholars;
  • Provide a supportive forum in which criminology researchers interested in terrorism and extremism can share ideas, research plans, draft papers and grant applications, and receive constructive feedback from group members;
  • Enhance HDR and ECR capacity in terrorism and extremism research.

Research Aims

  • Apply criminological theories to understand extremism and violent extremism, terrorist behaviour, processes of radicalisation and deradicalisation, and counterterrorism responses;
  • Investigate the rising threat of right-wing extremism and how this compares to Islamist/jihadist terrorism;
  • Understand and evaluate programs for countering violent extremism (CVE), including community engagement, counter-narratives and targeted interventions;
  • Understand and evaluate programs for deradicalising terrorist offenders, including risk assessment tools for violent extremism;
  • Understand and evaluate procedural justice policing strategies in Muslim communities, where designed to enhance terrorism prevention;
  • Investigate how third-party policing strategies can assist governments and social media companies to counter violent extremism and terrorist behaviour online.

Initial Members (recruiting more)
Adrian Cherney (UQ)
Keiran Hardy (Griffith)
Natasha Madon (Griffith) (joining member)
Kristina Murphy (Griffith)
Linet Muthoni (Griffith)
Elise Sargeant (Griffith)
Tamara Tulich (UWA)
Harley Wiliamson (Griffith)

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