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Crimmigration and Border Control

Crimmigration and Border Control

Leanne Weber, University of Canberra
Alison Gerard, University of Canberra
Marinella Marmo, Flinders University

The thematic group is based around the emerging sub-discipline variously described as ‘border criminology’ or the ‘criminology of mobility’. It brings together members who undertake research on border control including the intersection of criminal and immigration law and practice, a development characterised by US legal scholar Juliet Stumpf as ‘crimmigration’.

Members of this thematic group are at the forefront of interdisciplinary efforts to understand the context for the expansion and implications of crimmigration and other forms of border control, and their impact on sovereignty, mobility, lived experience, and on long-standing criminal justice and immigration procedures and processes.

Aims and Objectives
The Crimmigration and Border Control Thematic Group aims to:

  • Foster the exchange and deepening of ideas between scholars operating in Australia/New Zealand-Aotearoa and globally
  • Form a cross-institutional research network that promotes communication, research collaboration, dissemination, mentoring and support
  • Enhance the relevance and impact of existing and emerging research areas
  • Ensure a rural, regional and remote focus is visible within research collaborations, networks
    and events
  • Build and promote links between researchers and industry partners in the criminal justice and
    immigration system
  • Provide a ‘crimmigration and border control’ stream within the ANZSOC conference program
  • Maintain a presence on the ANZSOC website and through the Twitter Account @ANZSOC_Borders to act as a point of first contact for information about this research area

Erin O’Brien, Queensland University of Technology
Louise Boon-Kuo, University of Sydney
Sanja Milivojevic, Bristol University
Marie Segrave, Monash University
Maria Giannacopolous, University of New South Wales
Rebecca Powell, Monash University
Meg Randolph, Monash University/University of Canberra
Mary Bosworth, Oxford/Monash University
Claire Loughnan, University of Melbourne
Nerida Chazal, University of South Australia
Elizabeth Stanley, Victoria University of Wellington
Anthea Vogl, University of Technology Sydney
Andy Kaladelfos, University of New South Wales
Elyse Methven, University of Technology Sydney
Faith Gordon, Australian National University
Peter Billings, University of Queensland
Henrietta McNeill, Australian National University
Brandy Cochrane, Victoria University
Sam O’Donnell, University of Melbourne
Lorena Rivas, Griffith University

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