Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology


Green Criminology

Mark Hamilton, Australian Catholic University (2023)

Rachel Killean, The University of Sydney (2023)

Kajsa Lunberg, The University of Melbourne (2023)


This group will bring together those undertaking theoretical and field research, advocacy and practice in relation to crimes committed against the environment, non-human animals, and ecosystems, or in relation to management of natural resources, including environmental harms which are rendered lawful through regulatory processes, and the interface between democratic and bureaucratic structures, and policy, and their influence on processes of legislation, criminalisation (and why some activity is seen as ‘harmful’ and other
activity as ‘criminal’), and management of the environment. Focus is not only Australian/New Zealand but international, with the objective to foster working relationships to disseminate existing research, generate new research and support those working in a field of rapidly growing importance.

These aims and objectives will be fostered by: 

  • Regular meetings, workshops and seminars 
  • Special events 
  • Yearly thematic panel/presentation at ANZSOC


Membership List
Sarah Wright, University of Wollongong
Amber McKinley, Charles Sturt University
Shailja Beniwal, Faculty Training Haryana State Police Academy (India)
Michael Smith, Griffith University
Cassie Pedersen, Federation University
Rob White, University of Tasmania
Toni Myers, Victoria University of Wellington
Sarah Monod de Froideville, Victoria University of Wellington
Charles Louisson, Victoria University of Wellington
Cameron Holley, University of New South Wales
Laura Bedford, The University of Melbourne
Kyle Mulrooney, University of New England
Jade Lindley, University of Western Australia
Liz Campbell, Monash University
Lesley-Ann Wilson, Deakin University
Stephen Burrell, University of Melbourne
Meg Randolph, Monash University 

Last Updated: November 2023

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