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Illicit Networks

Illicit Networks

By David Bright and Chad Whelan (co-convenors)
colleagues (listed below)

The Illicit Networks Group brings together scholars, practitioners and students from Australia and
New Zealand to advance the understanding of the structure and function of illicit networks and enhance policies and practice aimed at reducing the harms caused by illicit networks. We aim to strengthen partnerships across academia, and with practitioners and policy makers from law enforcement and security agencies. We will also foster cross-disciplinary, mixed methods approaches to better understand all aspects of illicit networks including organised criminal groups and terrorist groups.

We seek to do this by

  1. Bringing together ANZSOC members interested in research, policy and practice in the broad field of illicit networks
  2. Facilitating dissemination of illicit networks research amongst ANZSOC members, practitioners,
    funding agencies, policy-making bodies, and other relevant groups
  3. Organizing ANZSOC conference sessions related to the structure, function, and combating of illicit

(Co-signatories to this proposal)
Caitlin Hughes
Raj Gundur
Russell Brewer
Rod Broadhurst
Anthony Morgan
Christopher Dowling
Rick Brown
Roberto Musotto
Mark Lauchs
Russell Smith
Sharon Kwok
Timothy Cubitt

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