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Understanding, preventing and responding to sexual violence and abuse

Understanding, Preventing and Responding to Sexual Violence and Abuse

Dr Nadine McKillop
Dr Susan Rayment-McHugh
Dr Lara Christensen
(Senior Lecturers, Sexual Violence Research and Prevention Unit, USC Australia)

The ANZSOC Understanding, Preventing and Responding to Sexual Violence and Abuse Thematic Group brings together scholars, practitioners, along with those working in policy and advocacy to contribute towards building an evidence-base to better understand, prevent and respond to sexual violence and abuse. We promote inter-disciplinary research in sexual violence and abuse focused on, but not limited to: onset and pathways; harmful sexual behaviour; adult perpetrated offences; prevention strategies; diverse populations and contexts; criminal justice system responses; rehabilitation and reintegration; and desistance.

Aims and Objectives
1. Advocate for a public health approach to combatting sexual violence and abuse within our communities.
2. Encourage communication and strengthen partnerships in the field through bringing together a network of scholars, practitioners, and those working in policy and advocacy.
3. Promote innovative research and study in the field of sexual violence and abuse.
4. Promote the dissemination of theoretical and applied research into sexual violence and abuse.
5. Facilitate ANZSOC conference streams relating to sexual violence and abuse

Kelly Richards, Queensland University of Technology
Danielle Harris, Griffith University
Asher Flynn, Monash University
Carol Ronken, Bravehearts
Michael Salter, University of New South Wales
Robyn Holder, Griffith University
Emily Moir, University of the Sunshine Coast
Vicky Nagy, University of Tasmania
Michael Guerzoni, University of Tasmania
Bridget Harris, Queensland University of Technology
Jessica Lockitch, University of the Sunshine Coast
Clare Farmer, Deakin University
Amanda Robertson, Griffith University
Rebekah Kilpatrick, PMC
Mary Iliadis, Deakin University

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