Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology

Cybercrime and Digital Criminology

Cybercrime and Digital Criminology

Dr Russell Brewer, University of Adelaide
Associate Professor Anastasia Powell, RMIT University

The Cybercrime and Digital Criminology ANZSOC thematic group brings together an
interdisciplinary cast of scholars from across Australia and New Zealand seeking to better
understand the role and impact of digital technologies on offending, victimisation and justice. Group member share interests across a broad range of areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Understanding the extent and nature and extent of cybercrime and technology-facilitated criminality in its many forms;
  • Explaining the individual, social and structural factors associated with cyber-offending and developmental trajectories;
  • Examining the nature, context and drivers of cyber-victimisation and injustice;
  • Developing and evaluating crime prevention strategies and interventions in digital environments;
  • Identifying effective means of policing and regulating cyber-offending;
  • Examination of justice movements and the impacts of digital advocacy.

Aims and Objectives
The thematic group aims to:

  • Provide a forum that will serve as a meeting place for like-minded students, early, mid-career and senior researchers to share their research and ideas, seek guidance and mentorship, as well as foster new interdisciplinary collaborations leveraging mixed-method approaches.
  • Build links between researchers and practitioners to inform evidence-based policy and advocacy.
  • Organise ANZSOC conference panels and other events throughout the year that align with the sub-themes associated with the thematic group.
  • Coordinate activities with similarly established divisions and groups within the American Society of Criminology (Division of Cybercrime), the European Society of Criminology (Working Group on Cybercrime), and the International Interdisciplinary Research Consortium on Cybercrime.

Members (co-signatories to this proposal) in alphabetical order:
Russell Brewer, University of Adelaide
Roderic Broadhurst, Australian National University
Andi Brown, Monash University
Robin Cameron, RMIT University
Lennon Chang, Monash University
Jonathan Clough, Monash University
Cassandra Cross, Queensland University of Technology
Asher Flynn, Monash University
Andrew Goldsmith, Flinders University
Rajeev Gundur, Flinders University
Bridget Harris, Queensland University of Technology
Nicola Henry, RMIT University
James Martin, Swinburne University
Roberto Musotto, Edith Cowan University
Anastasia Powell, RMIT University
Morgan Sayer, University of Adelaide
Russell Smith, Australian Institute of Criminology, Flinders University
Gregory Stratton, RMIT University
Chad Whelan, Deakin University
Tyson Whitten, University of Adelaide
Mark Wood, Deakin University

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