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By Lorraine Mazerolle (convenor)
Policing colleagues (as listed below)

The Policing Thematic Group brings together policing scholars, practitioners and students from
Australia and New Zealand to advance the science of policing and enhance public safety for all
people. We aim to strengthen partnerships across academia, policing and law enforcement policy makers. We will also foster cross-disciplinary, mixed methods approaches to better understand all aspects of policing including police patrols, investigations, crime prevention, human resource management, and all other forms of police service delivery as well as the cost-effectiveness and impacts (intended and unintended) of different policing approaches.

We seek to do this by

  • Bringing together ANZSOC members interested in policing research, policy and practice
  • Facilitating dissemination of policing research amongst ANZSOC members, practitioners,
    funding agencies, policy-making bodies, and other relevant groups
  • Organizing ANZSOC conference sessions related to issues in policing research, policy and practice

Tim Prenzler
Rebecca Wallis
Andrew Goldsmith
Russell Brewer
Janet Ransley
Angela Higginson
Caitlin Hughes
Rick Sarre
Kristina Murphy
Rebecca Wickes
Ross Hendy
Jason Payne
Janet Ransley
Lyndal Bates
Lisa Thompson
Toby Miles-Johnson
Kelly Hine

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