Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology

Transforming ANZSOC – A consultation paper

Call for submissions!

Last year, following an open and public debate about the diversity and inclusiveness of ANZSOC, I convened an extra-ordinary meeting of the Committee of Management. At that meeting, a sub-committee was formed and its members were charged with the responsibility of reviewing ANZSOC practices and procedures and making recommendations about the ways in which our Society can be transformed into the future. The outcomes of that review were carefully considered by the CoM and have since been prepared as a consultation document for your consideration. 

I am writing to notify you that the Transforming ANZSOC consultation paper is now available for review. You can access the consultation paper at: Transforming ANZSOC – Consultation Paper_June 2022

I strongly encourage you to contribute to this important process by submitting to us your comments, thoughts and suggestions. The consultation document has been specifically prepared to allow your comments to be saved and returned via email to or CLICK HERE to submit online through the anonymous submission portal. Submissions are requested by Friday, August 5, 2022. 

As I said at the time, ANZSOC is a community of common interest. It is a professional Society which, in the interests of its members, coordinates activities, events and awards that advance the discipline. We each have different theoretical and methodological orientations to be sure, but these differences are what make our Society strong. The debates we have, however difficult or uncomfortable, are essential to this process. ANZSOC’s responsibility is to help coordinate this dialogue. We can (and must) do better to ensure that our society moves forward and represents us all. 


Professor Jason Payne
ANZSOC President