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New Book: Law Enforcement and Public Health

Associate Professor Isa Bartkowiak-Théron announces the publication of an edited collection, Law Enforcement and Public Health: Partners for Community Safety and Wellbeing. Edited with colleagues from Australia, the United States and Scotland, this is the first comprehensive collection on law enforcement and public health.

This book brings together the views of multidisciplinary commentators on a wide range of issues and disciplines within the law enforcement and public health arena. The book addresses the conceptual aspects of the relationship as well as applied fields of collaboration, and the authors describe and analyse a range of service delivery examples taken from real-life instances of partnerships in action. Among the topics covered:

  • ​Defund, dismantle or define
  • Law enforcement, public health, and vulnerability
  • Law enforcement and mental health: the missing middle
  • The challenges of sustaining partnerships and the diversification of cultures
  • Using public health concepts and metrics to guide policing strategy and practice
  • Policing pandemics

Each section of the collection concludes with a chapter specifically dedicated to ‘community voices’, in which practitioners provide their perspectives on how collaboration can be achieved, where missing pieces are, and how we can move forward to solve key societal issues.

Law Enforcement and Public Health: Partners for Community Safety and Wellbeing is available through Springer.

Isabelle is the leader of the Law Enforcement and Public Health stream at TILES.

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