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Opportunity to Participate in Research: Bricklyn Priebe, USC

Your professional opinion matters!

What is ‘best-practice’ when it comes to rehabilitation of females who have engaged in harmful sexual behaviours against children?

This research project aims to help fill knowledge and practice gaps on the management and treatment of females known to have perpetrated sexual offences against children. To do this, the project involves obtaining professionals’ perceptions (via an online questionnaire and/or an interview) and subsequently exploring international approaches towards rehabilitation and reintegration. This PhD research has been approved by the USC Human Research Ethics Committee.

Your input in this research would be highly valued. Please note that it is not a requirement for participants to have had direct experience working with females who have perpetrated child sexual offences. However, participants need to be over the age of 18, have English-language proficiency (without the need for an interpreter), and be currently tasked with providing/delivering/designing rehabilitative services to people who have sexually offended against children or those considered at-risk of engaging in harmful sexual behaviour involving children.

Please scan the QR code (below) or click here for further details about the study and to access the questionnaire. I understand that your time is valuable, so thank you very much for your assistance with this research.

Bricklyn Priebe, HDR Candidate, Sexual Violence Research and Prevention Unit, USC Australia