Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology

Symposium @ The University of New England: Rural Crime, Justice and Disaster: Impacts, Response and Recovery

This symposium explores the various types of disasters and how they impact rural areas, including pandemics, natural disasters, biosecurity, economic crises, and political turmoil. These events have significant effects on the social, environmental, and economic aspects of rural communities. The symposium’s focus is on the connection between these disasters and crime, with an emphasis on preventing, responding to, and recovering from them. By bringing together leading scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and interested parties, we hope to encourage collaboration and partnerships that will result in practical solutions with applicability in Australia and internationally. 

Why Attend?

Expert Insights: Hear directly from a curated lineup of industry leaders, researchers, and practitioners who are at the forefront of ruralcrime and disaster studies and emergency management.

Collaborative Opportunities: Engage in meaningful dialogues, forge new partnerships, and identify avenues for cross-collaboration on projects that can make a tangible difference.

Cutting-Edge Topics: Stay updated with the latest research, trends, and strategies in rural crime prevention, emergency management, and community safety.

Networking: Connect with a diverse group of attendees, from academics to practitioners, and expand your professional network.

Practical Solutions: Gain actionable insights and tools that can be applied in real-world scenarios to foster resilient, safe, and united ruralcommunities.

Shape the Future: Play an active role in discussions that will shape future research, policies, and interventions in the realm of rural crime and disaster management

Our Symposium offers a unique platform for attendees to exchange insights, collaborate, and identify pathways for joint initiatives, fostering resilient, safe, and united rural communities.

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