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Criminology: linking theory, policy and practice

21st Annual conference of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology

2008 Presentations

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2008 Conference Presentations

International trends in crime and justice
(PDF 455kB) Professor Jan van Dijk

The responsibility to protect in international law: Potentials and problems
(PDF 110kB) Professor Hilary Charlesworth

‘Alien’ control and policing strategies before the age of counter-terrorism
(PDF 1.1MB) Mark Finnane

Testing value through the body: Women and British immigration law
(PDF 208kB) Evan Smith and Marinella Marmo

Comparison of Australian and European cross border law enforcement strategies focussing on the area of police cooperation
(PDF 33kB) Saskia Hufnagel

What impacts on public order policing?
(PDF 83kB) Zoe Ellerman and Angela Carr

The threat to police legitimacy in New Zealand: The notion of synergistic erosion
(PDF 1.6MB) John Buttle and Heather Buttle

Social change and violence: Understanding regional and remote transformations
(PDF 409kB) Patricia Ferguson

Knowing and managing your risks: Consistent, accurate and transparent security classification
(PDF 66kB) Brian Ellis and John Acres

Utilising affect control theory to understand the situational influence of physical design on staff-detainee interaction in juvenile detention centres
(PDF 2.7MB) Rohan Lulham, Simon Hayman, Richard Lamb and Terry Purcel

Terrorists and the correctional centre setting: Implications for management
(PDF 54kB) John Paget

How terrorism and terrorist prosecutions affect prison regimes
(PDF 512kB) David Brown

A model for youth alcohol diversion? Findings from evaluation of the Youth Alcohol Referral Network (YARN) pilot
(PDF 385kB) Nina Hudson

NJC – Local solutions to local justice problems
(PDF 2.9MB) Marita Delany and Kate Pratt

The remote witness: A study of the use of video conferencing in Australian courts
(PDF 144kB) Anne Wallace

The Campbell Collaboration crime and justice group: November 2008 update
(PDF 356kB) Peter Grabosky

The “subject” of respect: Reputation within and beyond custody
(PDF 77kB) Mark Halsey

Place managers assessment of a partnership policing initiative
(PDF 561kB) Patricia Ferguson

Connectedness and crime: Examining community ties – Collective efficacy and violent victimisation in Australia
(PDF 492kB) Rebecca Wickes and Ross Homel

Collision zone: Implementing the criminalisation of intimate partner violence
(PDF 2.1MB) Romy Winter

Rules of engagement: Policing alcohol-related violence in public spaces
(PDF 166kB) Jenny Fleming

Women, drug use and crime: Findings from the Drug Use Monitoring in Australia (DUMA) study
(PDF 394kB) Kerryn Adams

Work camps – turning traditional incarceration on its head
(PDF 1.2MB) Kathy Csaba

The futuristic outlook: Insidiously increasing use of home detention based sanctions
(PDF 641kB) Marietta Martinovic

Programs targeted at drug and alcohol-related offenders serving community based orders – an evaluation
(PDF 1.8MB) Brett Furby and Maria Kevin

An equal opportunity? Therapeutic jurisprudence and women offenders
(PDF 334kB) Amanda Wilson

Who are we trying to impress? Regulatory audiences and regulatory impact
(PDF 646kB) Fiona Haines

Developmental differences in burglary behaviour: examining the influence of the UWA burglary study
(PDF 250kB) Joe Clare and Anne Ferrante

Restorative responses to violence against women: Competing interests and political contexts
(PDF 797kB) Julie Stubbs

Conferencing in German juvenile justice
(PDF 1.1MB) Otmar Hagemann

Private security and public interest: Growth, patterns and dimensions
(PDF 309kB) Karen Earle, Rick Sarre and Tim Prenzler

A theoretical approach to gang evolution
(PDF 786kB) Julie Ayling

Cautioning versus court and the problem of selection bias
(PDF 1.3MB) Shasta Holland

The convention on the prevention and punishment of genocide and its relationship with Indigenous Australians
(PDF 1.6MB) Erin Louis

Mental health, drug use and offending amongst female detainees
(PDF 3.3MB) Lubica Forsythe and Mitchell Byrne

Frankston police and community youth assist program
(PDF 855kB) Renee Bloomfield and Emmett Dunne

Therapeutic and non-therapeutic use of ADHD medication by young people in detention centres
(PDF 75kB) Jeremy Prichard and Jason Payne

The dramatic increase in powers to police aboriginal people in the Northern Territory: What little is gained for such a high price
(PDF 2.2MB) Mary Spiers Williams

Facing the gatekeepers: An account of the trials and tribulations of researching the police
(PDF 353kB) Alyce McGovern

Counter-terrorism policing, the war on terror and the Haneef Case
(PDF 306kB) Sharon Pickering and Jude McCulloch

Finding the right balance: Towards a human rights impact assessment of counter terrorism policing
(PDF 69kB) Annie Pettitt

Juror empathy and prejudice in terrorist cases: Results of a controlled experiment in the NSW Supreme Court
(PDF 282kB) David Tait

A multivariate model of police deviance: Examining the nature of corruption, crime and misconduct
(PDF 5.2MB) Louise Porter and Celia Warrender

The Ethics of Policing in a Risk Society
(PDF 328kB) Amelia Johns

Theorising sex trafficking; myths, interventions and the harm
(PDF 464kB) Sanja Milivojevic

The challenge of bringing two laws together: The introduction of a Yapa community court
(PDF 5.5MB) Mary Spiers Williams

Community justice: A threat or solution to traditional policing?
(PDF 401kB) Juanida Horne

Community policing in a high transitional state: The case of South Africa since democratisation in 1994
(PDF 220kB) Anthony Minnaar

Costs of crime in Australia: why they are only estimates
(PDF 139kB) Kiah Rollings

Public confidence in the NSW criminal justice system
(PDF 231kB) Craig Jones, Don Weatherburn and Katherine McFarlane

Asking juries about sentence: sentencing ‘teen bash Mum’
(PDF 1.1MB) Kate Warner, Julia Davis, Maggie Walter and Rebecca Bradfield

Preventative post-sentence detention versus indefinite sentencing: A consideration of principles
(PDF 384kB) Heather Douglas

Is it possible to predict who is likely to engage in acts of violent extremism?
(PDF 217kB) Mark Rhys Kebbell, Louise Porter, Jon Cole and Laurence Alison

Whistleblower decision making
(PDF 1.7MB) Richard Wortley and Paul Mazerolle

Sudanese refugees in Australia: Experiences of crime and criminal justice system
(PDF 816kB) Garry Coventry, Glenn Dawes, Stephen Moston, Darren Palmer, Bona Duot and Laura Swanson

Vipassana meditation for inmate rehabilitation
(PDF 306kB) Laraine Doneman

Regulating and controlling serious offenders: 1869-1987
(PDF 3.4MB) Barry Godfrey

Does supervision reduce the risk of re-offending?
(PDF 437kB) Don Weatherburn

Homicide and uncertainty: Identifying the gaps in theory and practice
(PDF 380kB) Damon Muller

Criminological issues in post-conflict policing: A case study of the Solomon Island
(PDF 1.7MB) Tony Krone

Linking theory, policy and practice – the WSP in Walla Walla and the AMC in the ACT – An examination of efficiency, community pride and reality in corrections
(PDF 1.4MB) R. Pete Parcells and Kayla Cooper

Evaluating the school liaison police program: An example of action research in policing
(PDF 81kB) Victoria Herrington and Isabelle Bartkowiak-Theron

2008 Conference Photos