Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology

PacifiCrim is going digital!

Based on member feedback and support gathered for the initial idea of testing out something new for the ANZSOC newsletter at the 2021 AGM, PacifiCrim is now going digital! Instead of two PacifiCrim issues published each year, PacifiCrim will now accept and publish contributions online year-round. You can access the PacifiCrim articles on the ‘News’ section on the ANZSOC Website. You will already be able to see some published contributions online. ANZSOC members can also provide their submission directly through this webpage. These articles will be published every couple of weeks and I also plan to email a monthly ‘PacifiCrim Bulletins’ summary to ANZSOC members.

I want to take a moment and reflect on all the amazing hard work done by previous PacifiCrim editors. PacifiCrim has been and will remain an important part of the ANZSOC community to enable us to showcase the wonderful scholarship and teaching of our members. However, it was likely time to push for a more modern approach to how we disseminated the newsletter. This system of allowing and publishing submissions onto the ANZSOC website in an ongoing manner is us trying out something new – I will see how it goes over the next few months and very much welcome any feedback from ANZSOC members.

I would like to thank the infatigable ANZSOC Secretary Katalina Foliaki for all her assistance and support in setting up the website, and also a warm thanks to ANZSOC President Jason Payne, WA Representative Natalie Gately, and Historical Advisor Russell Smith for their support and ideas of how we could move PacifiCrim forward.

So if you have some news to share – whether it be related to research, teaching, or service – please consider making a contribution to the new looking PacifiCrim!

Emily Moir: PacifiCrim Newsletter Editor

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